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Good News for Turkish Cypriots


Turkey’s President Erdogan, the Greek natural gas in the TRNC, saying they wanted to deprive all of them, “the North, whatever the proportion of the population will get this right. The right to take whatever it is in the South,” he said.

Istanbul Dolmabahce palace in the assessment of the President’s Office of Labor in the Reuters News Agency, the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, drilling in the Mediterranean and for steps to be taken on the Cyprus question was answered.

Erdogan said:

“When we consider Cyprus island, there are North-South and 3 guarantor countries. Turkey, Greece and Britain. The European Union seems to be a guest guarantor country. Many existing leaders did not participate in the processes I participated in. What is this, the Bürgenstock summit. Who did we do with Kofi Annan? We met with him at Bürgenstock. At that time, the Prime Minister of Greece as guarantor country, we sat as mutual guarantor country, we talked. Verheugen came to represent the EU. We held these meetings. They wanted to stay off the table first, but the late Kofi Annan said, ‘I promised we can’t get up here without finishing.. They had to sign on it. So what happened? A referendum was held, and in the referendum, the Northern Cyprus side said yes to 65 percent. 75 percent of Southern Cyprus said no. Although they said no, they took Southern Cyprus into the European Union, but they did not. Look where this is going. Since then, this unjust approach, this approach that does not recognize rights law, threatens peace in the world. Locations can be specified here to look around Cyprus and Turkey also in South Cyprus there are places that can make calls. But what does international law order? Hukuk No matter what product comes out of here, it can be fish or oil, they are shared equally in proportion to the population, Uluslararası he says. What are they doing? They want to deprive Northern Cyprus of all these. There is no such thing in international law. Anyway, he will get this right with his population. The south will get whatever it’s worth. But the countries that have nothing to do with these seas are trying to have a say on these seas. Here lies the source of distress. ”

Turkey’s western countries on the question of the possibility of a partnership with the search for energy, it can be considered that Erdogan, said:

Yok We have nothing to do with any of this. Anything can happen at any moment. It can be done. We have two drilling vessels. There’s a third chance. We have two seismic research vessels. All of these ships have begun to work and continue. ”CyprusˈsīprəsTranslations of Cyprus


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