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Kiddle, an Internet search engine for children powered by Google


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Internet searchers do not discriminate ages and present all the sites they find in any query without assuming if there is material sensitive to children. This new website is a search engine for children. Worth seeing.

The Internet network is huge and the pages that exist are added by thousands of thousands. When we do a search we can find all kinds of information that sometimes includes, for example, images of bad taste, or pornographic in some cases. This is much more sensitive when those who do the searches are children, because they are exposed to materials for adults many times without wanting to. Therefore, the idea of a search engine for children does not seem like a bad idea.

Kiddle is an information search engine designed specifically for children, where the following characteristics are available:

Safe search: the sites that appear in the Kiddle searches satisfy the requirements of the families, since the explicit sites are filtered.
Responses to children: the sites that appear after a search in Kiddle show: 1. safe, reliable sites, which are not necessarily written for children, but have written content in a simple way, easy to “digest” by children . These have been verified by the editors of Kiddle; 2. Famous secure sites that are written for adults, that give expert content but are more difficult for children to understand, filtered by the search Google safe search

The results are delivered with much larger icons, which makes it easier for the children to understand the results, differentiate them and click on the most successful to the query made. The icons serve as visual traits and are beneficial specifically for children who do not read as fast as adults.

Results of a search where the largest icons can be seen

The results are presented in Kiddle with large Arial font, for better reading of the children.

Privacy is guaranteed because no identifiable information is collected and our logs are deleted every 24 hours.

It must be said that the domain is not .com, but .co, which seeks to mean “children only” (children only)

Kiddle works by Google Safe Search, but is not a company or institution affiliated with Google, Inc.

It sounds like a good idea, I suggest trying it and replicating it in social networks and blogs.