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Priority to former owners


Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kudret Özersay said that the closed Maras would probably be civilized in stages and that the rights of former residents and foundations would be respected in respect of property rights.

Kudret Özersay, in a statement to the press within the framework of the Maras visit to the Army House, “This is a long time after the public game and international public opinion in relation to this region to break some prejudices and according to his perspective to allow everyone to evaluate the truth,” he said.

Özersay stated that the trip is a beginning, while the works in Closed Maraş are being carried out and on the other hand there are thoughts of creating opportunities to enable different actors in the world to read this place correctly. “Each decision should be evaluated within its own period. After 1974, a political decision was made to keep Marash as a closed zone. It would be more accurate to evaluate this decision within the conditions of that period.

Today, as a government, we do not find it reasonable and logical that a place like Marash is a military region. It will probably be a policy that includes a perspective on the gradual transformation into a civilian zone. ” In the twenty-first century Özersay said whether there was a military necessity that would require the closed Maraş to be closed, Özersay said that this point would be taken into consideration in the decisions to be taken.


Stating that they are committed to taking some steps Özersay, “We do not have the idea to spread it for a very long time,” he said. Regarding the issue of Covering Maraş in the negotiations with the Greek Cypriot side, Özersay said that Covering Maraş came to the agenda many times and never achieved any results and said paydaş The stakeholder accepts the old inhabitants of this place at some point (it is an approach) but This is not an approach that will accept the Greek Cypriot political leadership as an interlocutor and seek a solution. ” Hangi What steps can we take without losing the human rights perspective? We emphasize that Öz Özersay stressed that the study is not ilişkili a work related to a negotiation with the Greek Cypriot side ”. Here, the steps taken at the United Nations officials, indicating that the addressee Özersay, “Saving here is entirely the saving of the TRNC,” he said.


When it comes to the opening of the closed Maraş, Özersay recalled that the UN Security Council took the 550 numbered decision in the 1980s and said: As the government, we do not have a statement in this direction, that we will open for resettlement of our citizens. Taking into consideration the human rights rules, principles and court decisions, we have a stance towards a gradual transformation of a 21st century military region into a civilian region. ” Özersay noted that the UN resolutions were interpreted in a way to bind our own hands and arms. Orum I think we should act in a way to break this memorization and think that we should break this status quo ”. Özersay, “I say that we will pursue a policy that respects the rights of both former residents and foundations,” he said. On the question of when the property-related policy will be shaped, Özersay said, bazı Some other decisions about Closed Maraş can be taken and implemented before the inventory is completed. Öz Özersay said, “The implementation of this policy, which considers the rights of the Foundation’s Administration and the former residents regarding immovable property, will be felt in the coming months. So this is not something to spread over the years ”he said.


Özersay also explained that former residents are stakeholders and that there will be a process of coming to a setting with them. Bel In certain periods, there were also municipalities that revealed more clearly the rights of foundations regarding these immovable properties. Koçan and deed documents were also found. The important thing is not to make claims, but the important thing is to find solutions at some point.


Closed Maras is taken to reflect the steps to be taken will affect a solution negatively, this does not reflect the facts Özersay said,, a number of steps should be taken within the framework of international law, these things are not obstacles to a solution. Freezing life here and keeping Maras out of civil life is no longer reasonable and reasonable. Makul


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