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The fact about the reserve of 40 billion dollars !


However, the consortium of Exxon Mobil – Quatar Petroleum announced that the reserve in the 10th parcel’s küp Glafkos daj target is estimated to be between 5 and 8 trillion cubic feet in other words, 141-226 billion cubic meters. When the Aphrodite field was discovered in 2011, an estimated gas of 5 to 8 trillion cubic feet was estimated. Then, when the verification well was opened, the estimated figure fell by half to 4 billion cubic meters, in other words 130 billion cubic meters. For example; A natural gas refinery could not be established for 130 billion cubic meters of gas, which was allegedly discovered in the Aphrodite field since 2011. Because it’s not economically feasible. Also politically problematic.

In the Eastern Mediterranean, it was announced that there were 850 billion cubic meters of Egyptian Zhor and 600 billion cubic meters of Israel’s Levhantian and 130 billion cubic meters of gas in the Aphrodite field. 141-226 billion cubic meters of gas, which is supposed to be estimated at the ’Glafkos bırak site in the 10th parcel, is not the first in the Eastern Mediterranean! For example; “Glafcos” discovery in the field stated that Turkey 3-4 in an amount equivalent to the annual consumption. Well, then it was revealed that the büyük Glafkos eri field in the 10th parcel was one of the largest reserves in the world.

Three years ago, an estimated 2.5 trillion cubic meters of gas was found in the Noor site of Egypt! After 3 years, it was stated that there might be as much as 10 percent of the amount claimed in the Noor field! Inaccurate information soon arises. The presence of a hydrocarbon / gas reserve does not mean that it will be produced. It must be economically above all competitive. There must be buyers. Agreements with buyers.

The Cyprus issue has not yet been politically resolved. In all natural resources of Cyprus Island, Turkish Cypriots also have the right. The Cyprus issue does not have a solution before the discovery and transport of these discoveries has serious problems. Turkey, both the law and their rights in the eastern Mediterranean Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) protects the rights and laws. Turkey would never allow expression is often no way to unilateral fait accompli in the region in this sense!

It seems that the Greek Cypriot administration is planning to liquefy and market the gas in the Aphrodite and Glafkos fields by transporting the underwater pipe to Egypt! This development has seriously disturbed Israel! Israel, Egypt and the Greek administration began to argue that the alliance between the leadership began to crackle.

As a result; The balloon u Glafkos den in the 10th parcel was one of the largest reserves in the world and exploded on the first day. Let’s look at the progress and what further developments we will face.

Authors: Gökhan Güler